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[November 8th, 2005]
[ mood | Distant ]


I will no longer update this journal. My reasons are numerous and personal...and I will not give a thorough explaination as to why I am neglecting it because I do not want to come off as rude and/or inconsiderate.

I will not, however, delete my journal.
It contains memories that I shall cherish and mourn for and thus it shall stand.
Memories of family; old and new friends; a love that blossomed through hardships; a loving father who is now sleeping peacefully in his grave.

But, I will be making a new LJ in the near future and if I really like you then I shall add you :) Hopefully you'll be nice enough to add me back when that event occurs.

Nice meeting you, good luck, and goodbye---if I never correspond with you again :D

Friend's List. [February 5th, 2005]
I took some people out of my friend's list. Don't take it personally.

Starting Over [December 13th, 2003]
[ mood | blank ]


Please introduce yourself before you add me so I can have a better understanding of you. I won't add you back if we have absolutely nothing in common. Also, I erase comments after I make the adding, so keep that in mind :)
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